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Safety Precautions when Using the Roller Crusher

Source:www.chinacrushers.cnAuthor:GreatWallDate:2014-12-12 16:26:55Views:
In order to ensure the safe production, to prevent the roller crusher machine and personal accident, you must comply with the safe system of work, strictly implement the following operating procedures.
1.Stop the roller crusher and settle the failure when there is emergency accident, do not start the machine without working out the failure.
2.Overhauling crushers, must clean up the materials in the feeder head, No failure handling or maintenance processing without a warning sign on the electrical control cabinet, it is to prevent vibration fall injuries during the maintenance work.
3.Stop the machine when dealing with the block caused by viscous material crushing in the crusher cavity, no treatments with the block with your hand or other tools when the machine running.
4.Material block always out of the roller crusher in large pieces hard materials crushing process, to avoid injuries, non-operator should be far away from the place.
5.When machine running, do not clean up the machine debris or fill oil;
6.The place around the roller crusher should kept lean, and the lighting should be adequate.
7.Motor and electrical equipment should meet the safety requirements, the roller crusher motor housing must be securely grounded.

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