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Correct Operation Reduce Cone Crusher Failure Rate

Source:www.chinacrushers.cnAuthor:GreatWallDate:2014-3-8 15:08:42Views:

Cone crusher is the most commonly used as a crushing equipment, it greatly improving the production efficiency. Cone crusher at run time, the crushed material is generally to be placed in the middle of the lining plate and gradually fall into the crushing chamber, but not all directly into the crushing chamber, so that the cone crusher can make the material to be broken more fully, reduce the crusher liner wear,prolong the cone crusher service life. Following up and have a look right operation steps of cone crusher, only the correct operation can reduce the failure rate, and ensure the normal operation of the cone crusher.

1, the feeding time is generally divided tray with cone crusher evenly the material into the crushing cavity inside, each feeding amount is lower than the general rolling mortar wall height.
2, feed size must be accurate, can not be too large or too small, otherwise the cone crusher will be easily break out and the production efficient will be lower. 
3, when the cone crusher running, you must ensure its operation load within the prescribed range, more than the prescribed load will lead to production accidents.
4, when the material is crushed completely, first you stop feeding, crushing the remaining material cavity inside completely before cutting the power, stop running, so that not only guarantees the safety in production, but also do not waste raw material.
5, when the cone crusher is not running you need do some maintenance job periodically, timely check the cone crusher parts, add lubricating oil, to ensure the next normal operation of the cone crusher.

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