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Small Diesel Crusher Routine Maintenance

Source:www.chinacrushers.cnAuthor:GreatWallDate:2014-5-26 14:22:44Views:

Small Diesel Crusher operator must have operating experience, and adhere to do the "Three Goods" (good use, good manage, good repair), “Four Cans "(use, maintenance, checks, troubleshooting)", Four Nos"(no fouling, no debris, no oil spot, no loose), so that timely maintenance can maintain the normal operation of the equipment to excellent performance.
To avoid the entry of non-broken (hard piece of metal) cause a damage to the Small Diesel Crusher, it is appreciated that set a iron-staff removing device on the base of the feeder.
lubricating grease is widely used in a powder pollution operating site( it has good sealing function, and can prevent the powder dust from entering the diesel hammer crusher bearings), the amount of the lubricating grease added to the bearing seat should be 50-70 percent of its volume, and the replacement of the lubricating grease is three working months
Grease for diesel hammer crusher choosing should be based on the operation site, climate and so on. generally it can be calcium-based, sodium or calcium-based grease;

Completely cleanness, inspection, maintenance, as well as lubrication to the lubricating parts are necessary before restarting the machine after its' long time off work.

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