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High Technology makes Great Wall Sand Making Machine more Competitive

Source:www.chinacrushers.cnAuthor:GreatWallDate:2014-4-25 11:50:25Views:
In 2014, with the continuous development of the construction machinery industry, the demand for sand making machine is also higher, so does the cement demand, in recent years due to the proposed a series of national environmental policy, the cement industry is facing new problems, the development direction of stone crusher machine must be more effective and energy saving, large cement industry promote the jaw crusher development, there is a mutual benefit between them. particularly in the cement industry, as a widely used crusher in construction, chemical and other fields, the vertical shaft impact crusher, which as the sand making machine, it’s finished grain type is far superior than other crushing equipment with the same function. It adopts the seamless welding connection technology to improve the strength, besides, the sand making machine has the advantages of high efficiency, good safety performance, environmental protection and energy saving, convenient use, low advantage repair rate, and this alleviate the pressure of cement industry environmental governance.

The the extensive manufacturing development trend of the sand making machine has become the high-tech manufacturing type, the transfer of traditional manufacturing industry cannot realize. First we have to define two concepts, one is often said that "kick the market" which seems not very accurate, because an enterprise is can’t compare to the market rivalry, what one enterprise going to win is the same industry competitors, you must make clear who are the competitors, then according to the strategic and tactical design to "fight the enemy", that is to say to grab the market from a specific competitor, no loser, no winner. The second is that the market competition has its rules, the enterprise must choose a strategy according to their own situation and the status of competitors,such as defense, offensive, to outflank the warfare, guerrilla warfare, but no matter what kind of strategy, its competition core is to win customer resources.

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