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How to processing the Cone Crusher Frame Bushing Maintenance

Source:www.chinacrushers.cnAuthor:GreatWallDate:2014-3-13 16:26:00Views:
As everyone knows, stone crusher equipment cleaning, regular maintenance is very important for it’s normal operation, not only prolong the service life of the stone crusher, but also improve the efficiency.
Cone crusher frame liner bushing fixed by the top bushing full filled stuff. You must first remove the stuff before dismount the bushing, removing steps of cone crusher frame bushing are as follows:
1, drill several holes that less than 10mm on the bushing every 100mm, the hole depth should accordance with the replaced Bush steps.
2, holding a piece of steel, 45 degrees direction against to the bush outside, break the top of the bush with a hammer hit the steel.
3, in the entire circumference of the sleeve top, knock off the bush top from the stuff, remove all debris.
4, demolition of frame bottom cover.
5, cut a round steel plate, whose diameter is less than the cone crusher frame inner hole,  and the thickness is 50mm, put the steel plate under the bushing. 
6, cut a steel plate, whose thickness is 50mm, and diameter is same as the cone crusher frame bottom cover, processing three hole, the diameter are same with the bolt hole .
7, hung the steel plate on the frame bottom with screw. Put a 50 tons jack Between the steel plate and steel plate at the bottom of the hydraulic jack Bush put a 50 tons.

8, separating the bushing from the frame by jack, increase the block if necessary.

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