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Structure of Henan Double Roller Crusher

Source:www.chinacrushers.cnAuthor:GreatWallDate:2014-3-10 15:02:44Views:
Double roller crusher is mainly adopts special wear-resistant roller that rotating high speed to crush the raw material (the principle of traditional double roller crusher is squeezing the raw material with low speed), so it improve the double roller crusher productivity. The double roller crusher produced by Great Wall consist of driving device, a frame part,a crushing roller, spring device, etc. With low noise, simple structure, convenient repair, high productivity, broken material granularity, low over crushing ratio, convenient repair,overload protection, sensitive, safe and reliable. Now, double roller crusher development direction will be as follows:
1, the teeth shape of the toothed plate is no longer used traditional design, bigger tooth shape butt he particle size sure be good, long life, rough toothed plate life of 1.5~2 years, fine toothed plate life not less than 10 months. The shape of the tooth is no longer a fan-shaped gear as traditional, fan-shaped tooth can not be too big, fine tooth cannot be bigger than 15mm, because of the special requirements of the end product shape and particle size.
2, the raw material distributing method, instead of the traditional mechanical type distributing device, we apply the vibration feeding method with unique structure and special materials. Arc-shaped distributor bottom, with wear resistance and smooth of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene board on the steel plate, to ensure the raw material to move on both sides, avoid a lot of raw material fell on the intermediate of toothed roller and cause partial grinding. 
3, specifically hydraulic tools designed for the assembly and disassembly of tooth plate. Fix the hydraulic tools on the machine frame, press the control button, the hydraulic cylinder can be move along the roller axial, and squeeze out the tooth plate. Rotating the rollers slowly, you cang squeeze the tooth plate around. When installing, cylinder used to install the panel, not hammer, which ensure the bearing is not damaged by the instantaneous impact force from the hammer , greatly improving the service life of the bearings.
4, with a simple and reliable hydraulic avoidance system. In the face of iron and rubber things that hard to crush, the hydraulic avoidance system can parallel avoid, and back return after the stuff past through, this protects the tooth plate, bearing, shaft from damage, to ensure normal operation of the double roller crusher, and reduce the repair frequency. 
5, High productivity double roller crusher, the highest yield was 900t/h, ending more than 500t/h must rely on imported equipment situation. Various screening machine in coal drying, can be normal screening, but at the request of particle size to ensure 15mm and moisture content in 5%~15% there will be the phenomenon of frequent clogging, this is why the power plant crushing the material before screening. Through the long-term test, we found that when the screen mesh is min 30mm, no matter how much the material moisture is, there will no blocking. So we will compound the screen and roll crusher together, research and development new double roller crusher whose input size is less than 300mm, output size is less than 10mm, this type double roll crusher’s production has greatly increased.
6, according to the needs of users, some convenient device can be added to improve the product performance and grade. Such as sundries cleaning device,automatic door detection device, bearing temperature measuring device etc.
We will continue to conduct market research, tracking all the factory equipment, and continuously improve our product performance, make the best double roller crusher in the world.

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